1% For the Planet, our Planet!

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Since 2019, SuperAtic has pledged 1% of sales for the Planet

The preservation and restoration of the natural environment. We've awarded over $89 million in cash and in-kind donations to domestic and international grassroots environmental groups making a difference in their local communities. 1% for the Planet is an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment. They understand that profit and loss are directly linked to its health, and are concerned with the social and environmental impacts of industry.

If you're a business owner (or have any influence over your boss)...

Please consider becoming a member of this socially and environmentally progressive group.

By contributing 1% of total annual sales to grassroots environmental groups, members of 1% for the Planet affect real change. And members receive other benefits: The satisfaction of paving the way for more corporate responsibility in the business community and the recognition, support and patronage of conscientious consumers who value serious commitment to the environment. To learn more about 1% for the Planet, check out

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