Providing Benefits to our People, Community, Environment and Customers.

When SuperAtic was founded in 2009...

... we were guided by the belief that when our consultants succeed, societies benefit and countries prosper. This reflects through the company’s philosophy of being Here for Good. SuperAtic has been committed to expanding access to quality personal and professional growth, delivering strong outcomes for people that decide to collaborate with us, and finding ways to positively contribute to the communities and organisations we serve.

Consistent with our mission, in October 2018, SuperAtic applied to be a B Corporation

Where B stands for Benefits, B-Corp is a relatively new class of corporations that are required by law to create a general public benefit through a material, positive impact on society. Becoming a PBC is allowing us to formally integrate into our legal structure the social mission that has always been integral to SuperAtic.

In January 2019, SuperAtic successfully achieved
B Corp Assessment

We achieved a score by nearly 150 points (83 is the minimum to grant the Certification). In order to obtain the certification, SuperAtic and its network is required to rectify various parts of the organisation and promote internally and externally our value. That's how our journey started, help us attain the goal of obtaining the certification by the end of 2020.

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